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This academic year we welcome more than 70 members to design and build our first competition car. Most of our members participate in the project next to their studies, dedicating most of their spare time to the team. Also, we have 12 master students working on their Master's dissertation within UGent racing. They allow us to keep innovating and use state-of-the-art and self-developed technologies in our current and future generation. Together we are a multi-disciplinary team covering more than 10 different disciplines with various levels across the bachelor and master years. Discover by clicking on our different teams below.

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As a Team Captain I am responsible for the complete team. Together with my board, I make sure that communication between our subteams runs smoothly and that the objectives are met as agreed. Apart from the day to day business, I also look at the long-term evolution of the team to make sure UGent Racing is a sustainable project.

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As a co-captain, I am in charge of daily operations together with the team captain. I am responsible for the recruitment procedure and general management of the team. As co-captain, I have a broad perspective of the team - now and in the future.

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