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What's next - The road to the competitions

After a long and intense semester, it is time to focus on our academical deadlines and exams. However, when for the average student the summer break begins, our team will be recharged and ready to shift our attention to the Formula Student competitions. A quick overview of what will be waiting for us this summer.

Our first two weeks will be full focus on preparing ourselves for the Formula Student Netherlands, the first competition we will be attending. To this purpose, we will both  test Orion as often as possible, while also practicing all static and scrutineering events through mock-up inspections and evenings with alumni. 

From the 13th until the 17th of July, we will be at FS Netherlands, the home competition of all BeNeLux teams. As the very first of the European competitions, it also attracts many top teams. Given its place on the calendar, it is known to be one of the hardest competitions to participate in the dynamic events. However, it is definitely one of the best places to get feedback on our designs, static events and see how we can improve towards the other competitions. 

After FS Netherlands, we return to Ghent to process the feedback we have gotten in Assen. It is essential to utilise the three week break between the competitions as efficiently as possible. We will focusing on practicing with the team that will be attending either FS Czech or Germany and make sure our batteries are charged for what is yet to come. 

Formula Student Czech and Germany will take place back-to-back, marking the first double header in the history of UGent Racing. And this won’t be the only first. In both FS Czech and FS Germany, we will participate in the Driverless cup next to the Electrical cup, in an attempt to become the first Belgian driverless team ever. 

As you can read, our summer will be quite busy. We are already incredibly proud of how Orion turned out but are determined to put the cherry on top of the cake this summer! 


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